Author Topic: New Eng and Tech program help!  (Read 1924 times)


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New Eng and Tech program help!
« on: May 31, 2016, 04:42:20 pm »
Hey guys- I just emailed Mr. Roger Ivey with a couple questions but thought I'd reach out here too.

1-I wondered if there was a listing of activities for our kids, like camps and things, that our students might be interested in for this summer. I'm reaching out to Steve Price too, but hoping for more than just TSA stuff.

2- I need to work hard on our advisory committee. It's pretty overwhelming and intimidating. Could you recommend a few teachers that have strong programs going that I could reach out to? I'd like to see the letters and methods they have for inviting people, and the selling points they use to convince people it's worth their time to sit on the committee.

3- If there are any materials that show suggested scope and sequence charts or curriculum calendars for eng and tech, I would LOVE those resources. My summer plan is to merge our Engineering by Design, TSA, LJ Create and other resources into a more fluid school year calendar, but I think folks with a lot more experience and ideas could also contribute to this?

Thanks y'all!